What Is My Colour?

Ella Skills

Nothing too colourful. Maybe beige is my colour; she blends in and stays quiet, allowing other colours to walk all over her without permission. On her property, they flourish, they grow, they glow like the land belongs to them. The lack of flavour, character, and life – oh! 

While I ponder on my colours and why I never see them stand out, here comes Little Miss Pink in flamingo and Barbie charisma, blowing my mind into rainbow wonderland. Questions in my head want answers from her only, and in that moment I find an identity, I know the words, I have a choice, and I realise I don’t have to be boring old beige. I can be more than two colours and maintain sanity, and so I choose red, a colour I disliked in public, the colour of my horns. I never claimed her, but now I feel peace.

Ella Skills is a self-taught Nigerian photographer. Born and raised in the ancient city of Kano, she believes the eyes tell more stories than the mouth ever could. Her style reflects heavily on culture, realism, and absolute vanity.

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