What Have We Done?

Victor Akhere

With my work, sometimes I experience a burst of clarity before I shoot, knowing exactly what I want to photograph. Other times, I don’t. This was one of those instances where I’m almost completely clueless and allow the shoot to reveal the photographs to me.

This series of photographs explore the feeling of melancholy that often accompanies a heart bruised by life — things that did not go as planned, as is the case many times. A grieving of some sort — for what could have been — that is not. And a reflection on the resilience of the human spirit in times like this.

Victor Akhere is a Nigerian photographer and aspiring filmmaker. Although he grew up surrounded by a lot of photographs, he had no interest in pursuing photography as a career until 2019 when he experienced an existential crisis. Drawing inspiration from the human condition and a desire to tell stories, his work often explores themes bordering on nostalgia, melancholy, and vulnerability.

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