The Night They Come for Us

Tahnia Barrie

The night they come for us,
To bleed my people from the history of this land,
We’ll walk like baobabs, if they had legs to move,
Our crowns in the heavens.
And death will not kill us.
To the soil we’ll give our stories. 
In the kasada farm we’ll hide our dreams. 
The parsnips will keep our myths. 
And our soul we’ll split in two –
For the rutabaga and the tiger nut.
So when we come to claim earth and blood,
Our first meal will be a returning –
my people, a renascence revolting.

Tahnia Barrie is a Sierra Leonean poet and writer, currently based in her country’s capital city, Freetown. She was a 2023 WAW resident at the Library Of Africa and The African Diaspora. Her work has been published in the Commonwealth Foundation’s literary magazine adda, Strange Horizons, and Fantasy Magazine.

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