Tales of the Coast

Bagha Abdulkader 

Sometimes in life you need an escape from the mundane, a way to get away from everything for a while and unwind. 

The year 2021 was the most difficult year yet. A year that tested me fully on whether I was resilient enough to get through whatever was thrown at me. A year that made me question myself – whether I had chosen the right path or not. A year so full of stress and pressure I almost exploded.

In all this, I found my escape in photography, the coast, and the ocean. Whenever I felt burnt out, I found myself at the beach, and it took my burdens off my shoulders. I felt relaxed and at ease. Sitting all alone, surrounded by a plethora of magnificence, allowed me to reflect, and I thought to myself: What a beautiful world we live in, a world full of wonders. 

The coast is one of these wonders that tells new tales every day. I needed to document this, take photos and tell a story.

The crashing of waves, the spray of sea water onto the skin, the swishing of palm trees in the ocean breeze, the smooth sand of the beach that when stepped on sinks the feet, the glistening water and the scent of the sea, all come together under the mighty blue sky and great orange sun, giving rise to the colourful art that is nature. If you ever need to lose yourself and disappear into the depths of repetition, find a coast and watch the waves. Soon your mind will vanish, and when your mind disappears, you disappear. The coastline is poetry to my heart, speaking anew each day yet forever singing an infinite song.

Bagha Abdulkader is a medical student from Kenya. He is passionate about photography and videography as a visual way of telling stories.

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