Some Days Are Just Heavy

Nsikanabasi Effiong

‘Some Days Are Just Heavy’ is an emotive photo story that captures the raw essence of human emotions and the weight we carry within ourselves during challenging times. The series of photographs unfolds a narrative that delves into the complexities of life and the profound impact that certain days can have on our hearts and minds. Each photograph is a window into their hearts and minds, portraying the struggles, uncertainties, and profound depths of emotions that unfold when facing life’s relentless challenges.

Nsikanabasi Effiong is a photographer and visual artist. His work centres around his mental health, personal life, and faith. Photography is a mouthpiece for his emotions, it’s a medium to express his soul. He started photography during his freshman year as a photo enthusiast, taking pictures with his phone. Two years ago, his friend was kind enough to gift him a camera. Now he is on a journey to finding his voice in the art space and getting better at his skill. Nsikan earned a Bachelor of Social work from the University of Benin in 2022.

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