Memory of Ache

Amarachi Nnoli

This series of photographs reflects on the waves of nostalgia that accompany the resurfacing of childhood memories, good and bad. It explores the effects of domestic violence and the abuse children experience in the home, which often plays a huge role in how their relationships with self, family, and others take form, and, in the long run, moulds them into the kind of adults they become. 

For me, photography has become a medium of therapy. Growing up, I experienced violence first-hand in my Catholic Igbo home, and this brought about anxiety, social awkwardness, and lack of confidence. These problems stunted the growth I needed both academically and career-wise. Memory of Ache seeks to find the root of these personal demons and bring to light the effects of violence on children in the home.

Amarachi Nnoli (b. 2000, Enugu, Nigeria) is a photographer and writer living and working in Lagos. Her work centres the erasure and documentation of women in different fields and themes of familial relationships. Her writing draws inspiration from the work of women in literature. Her photography styles are conceptual and documentary, and her writing is primarily fiction. Amarachi earned a Bachelor of English and Literature from the University of Benin in 2021. She has gone on to participate in a group solo exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. She works with a women-focused digital magazine as a photojournalist and held a curatorial intern position at ARTXLagos.

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