Lolwe Introduces Drama Category

From January 2024, Lolwe will be publishing Drama as one of the categories in the magazine, adding to the fiction, nonfiction, poetry and photography that the magazine has been known for. We recognise that there are very few outlets that publish plays by Black (African, Caribbean and Diaspora) authors and this is something that needs to change and we are hoping this is the first step in ensuring that change happens. Over the next few months, the magazine will dedicate its efforts in finding playwrights from the African continent and beyond and publishing their thrilling work of Drama in a bid to showcase the diverse storytelling traditions that exist. If you are a playwright and you’d like to share your work with us for publication, kindly read our submission guidelines and thereafter submit to us via Submittable. For any other queries, please send an email to As always, although we currently don’t have any funding we pledge to offer a modest remuneration for the work accepted for publication.


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