Fusca Red

Guilherme Bergamini

Red is the colour of life. And yet, it is also the colour of death. Life and death mix like a puzzle; each piece finds its place and the union of each one becomes a visual narrative that represents colours, shapes, objects, places. Different places across districts, cities, states and countries that I visited in the last years, in an unceasing search for storytelling with images. These places like Aimorés River, Nova Era, Sete Lagoas, Frutal, Sagarana, Arinos, Engenheiro Dolabela and many other places appear recurrently in this photographic pilgrimage and introduce me to new reds in my imaginary journey.

I find this dichotomy in red, a pulse that moves my gaze, overflowing with emotion in every red that crosses my path. It is the colour of love, and again the colour of anger and hatred – a contradiction that continues to puzzle us all. It’s a colour that’s present almost everywhere: in the bloom of the rose flower, at the top of the rainbow, in the sunset when the sun is slinking into the horizon.

Guilherme Bergamini is a Brazilian reporter, visual artist, and photographer who has been awarded in national and international competitions and has participated in collective exhibitions in 42 countries. For more than two decades, he has developed projects with photography and the various narrative possibilities that art offers. His works dialogue between memory and social political criticism. Bergamini believes in photography as the aesthetic potential and transforming agent of society.

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